Mat Day

Regional Director

Facebook Twitter Linkedin After graduating in Geography and Natural Hazard Management, I was recruited by Environet in 2013...

Having graduated with a BSc (Hons) from the University of Chester in Geography and Natural Hazard Management I was recruited by Environet UK in 2013 to remove Japanese knotweed from residential properties and commercial sites. I’ve loved the challenging circumstances that's associated with Japanese knotweed and pleased to be working within a team of highly experienced and industry respected professionals. 

Having worked on hundreds of properties removing knotweed for my clients, it is fair to say I have been met with some real difficulties. From neighbour disputes and encroachment cases, through to knotweed growing inside conservatories, and access restrictions that would cause most to walk away.  With a dedicated and knowledgeable team around me, despite all the adversity, I have always managed to find a solution that meets my client's requirements, even if it means craning excavators over walls, or driving them through people's kitchens.  

My weekends usually revolve around some kind of sporting activity; cycling, running and rowing. Despite reaching the final selection stage for the 2012 Olympics for the British Rowing team, and only having missed out due to being too short... even at 6' 3” I’ve not been put off!

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