Tim Sutcliffe

Area Operations Manager

I gained a degree in Ocean Science before joining Environet.

I am employed as the Area Operations Manager for the South. The relationship between humans and the environment has always fascinated me so I enjoy visiting homeowners and developers, understanding and analysing their individual requirements and helping to provide lasting solutions to their Japanese knotweed problems.

I graduated from the University of Plymouth with a degree in Ocean Science and also trained as a professional scientific diver.  Following my graduation, I taught English to pensioners and young children in the Galapagos, Ecuador.

In my spare time I can be found, 3 times a week, at the bottom of a swimming pool, playing a strange old sport called ‘underwater hockey’. The sport was invented by divers during the winter time when it was too cold to dive, now it is played all over the world from Colombia to New Zealand. When time allows, I love being outdoors camping and spearfishing.

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