Nic Seal

Managing Director

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Establishing Environet in 1996 was a life changer for me. I studied at the University of London...

I studied and played hard at the University of London, got a degree in Environmental Science and then worked for engineering consultants in London and Bristol. After six years of employment I realised the time had come to embark on a new journey and my life long ambition - to set up and run a successful business.

I’m extremely proud that Environet has steadily grown from a one man band start up in 1996 to one of the major players in the field of Japanese knotweed eradication. This is thanks to a very loyal client base and an excellent team around me.

It hasn’t been easy, and has taken a lot of sweat and toil. I continue to spend time planning and developing the business and perfecting our methods. I like to keep a very “hands on approach” to ensure we continue to provide the excellent service our clients have come to expect.

It’s been extremely satisfying designing and developing our Xtract™ method and machinery, which now has been granted a patent in the UK, USA and Canada. It continues to be recognised within industry circles as one of the best environmental methods for getting rid of Japanese knotweed on development sites.

I’ve acted as an expert witness on several legal disputes relating to Japanese knotweed and hugely enjoy the intellectual challenge.

In 2018 my book "Japanese Knotweed - Unearthing the Truth" was published. The book distills over 20 years of experience combined with beautiful illustrations to provide an informative guide for anyone affected  hy Japanese knotweed.

Out of work, I spend time with my family and our three dogs. I try to keep fit by cycling, walking, sailing and generally messing around on boats.

Nic decided to write ‘Japanese Knotweed – Unearthing the Truth’ to help debunk some of the myths covered in the media. He looks at how a valuable plant in the East became the “root of evil” in the West and question where it deserves it’s fierce reputation.

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