Shane Houghting

Area Operations Manager

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I started life in South Africa where grew up spending a lot of time on farms, playing with machinery and understanding how things work. After a 5-year apprenticeship I qualified as a Diesel Technician and from there I branched out into various roles including managing a farm, training as a lumberjack and running a team fabricating and installing equipment for large factories.

I moved to the UK seeking a new challenge, joining Environet in 2010. Since then I have enjoyed helping the company grow, accumulating over a decade of valuable experience running commercial and residential projects, large and small. As part of the Operations Team I’m also responsible for the maintenance of our machinery and equipment. I always do my best to help our customers with all manner of invasive plant remediation and take great pride in my work. For me, a happy customer is a job well done.

Being a sporty person, I love running and cycling and canoeing. I take part in numerous challenges each year including the Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Marathon, a 125-mile non-stop race from Devizes ending around 20 hours later at the County Hall Steps at Westminster Bridge!.