Japanese knotweed is relatively easy to identify, once you know what the characteristics are. These include;

• Asparagus-like spears emerging in spring • Bright green shield shaped leaves that form a zig-zag shape on the stem • Tall green canes, with purple speckles • Clusters of creamy white flowers in late summer • Brown, brittle canes left standing in winter

Take a look at the images below. You can also see loads more  Japanese knotweed pictures  in our gallery and watch our 3 minute video on How to identify Japanese knotweed. We've also produced a Japanese knotweed Identification Guide, which you can download to help you identify the plant in situ.

japanese knotweed shoots new seasons growth
japanese knotweed shoots new seasons growth
japanese knotweed crown with cut canes on path
japanese knotweed speckled stem with leaf


japanese knotweed mature new seasons growth
japanese knotweed healthy green leaves roadside
japanese knotweed zig zag formation green leaves
japanese knotweed healthy growth summer


japanese knotweed flowering against property wall
japanese knotweed flowering
viable mature japanese knotweed rhizome
japanese knotweed Winter Canes


Not looking quite right? Check our Japanese knotweed Hybrids and Commonly mistaken plants galleries to be sure.

If you are still unsure, we offer a Japanese knotweed identification service. Email your photos to expert@environetuk.com and we'll tell you if Japanese knotweed is present. If it is, then we will help guide you through the removal and treatment options.

This is a free service. However, if you would like to make a small donation to a worthy charity via JustGiving that would be appreciated.


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