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japanese knotweed shoots emerging

We are the UK’s leading specialist in Japanese knotweed removal for both residential and commercial properties.

Established in 1996, our proven track record and insurance-backed guarantees ensure you can trust our safe, efficient and highly-effective Japanese knotweed removal service.

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Our Experience

Our friendly, dedicated and highly skilled Welsh team of knotweed specialists can act quickly to solve your knotweed problem.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee all our work. For your ultimate peace of mind our work is underwritten by Lloyds, an A-rated insurer. 

Our Service

We are committed to delivering a removal service that works for you. Over 90% of our customers rate us as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’.

Our Speed

Everything is in place to respond quickly to your needs. Within hours of your instruction we can issue your insurance-backed guarantee.

Our Environmental Awareness

We have developed zero waste-to-landfill solutions that offer eco-friendly ways to remove your Japanese knotweed.

Our PCA Membership

The Property Care Association have approved our policies, procedures and staff. You can trust us to resolve your knotweed problem.





  Every communication with Environet from day one demonstrated their wealth of knowledge, they were always professional and efficient but also had a genuine empathy to our plight.... Thank you Environet, without your excellent expertise this would have surely been a very different outcome for us. 

Liz Wakeman, Home Owner - South Wales



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The UK’s leading Japanese knotweed expertsUpright Japanese knotweed leaves

Our Welsh Japanese knotweed specialists have been removing this damaging, invasive weed from commercial and residential property and land since 1996.

We are now the UK’s leading experts in research into Japanese knotweed and its eradication and treatment.

Is your property at risk?

  • Japanese knotweed can delay or prevent your house sale
  • It can very quickly spread and ruin your garden
  • It is incredibly difficult to remove
  • If left untreated it can cause costly damage to your home
  • If it spreads it can create acrimonious and expensive legal battles with your neighbours

For advice on knotweed treatment and removal, call our team of experts.

How we can help

Environet is trusted by large property developers, construction firms and landowners to safely and effectively control, treat and eradicate invasive weeds such as Japanese knotweed.

And we have had more than 3,000 happy clients call us in to get the job done.

You can trust us for:

  • Specialist advice
  • A swift and efficient response
  • Highly-effective eco-friendly solutions
  • Safe working practices around your property
  • Flexible working schedules to suit you
  • Tackling the immediate problem and preventing any future damage
  • Work that is covered by a 10-year insurance backed guarantee, underwritten at Lloyds


Trust us to get the job done.

Our Japanese knotweed removal work comes with a 10-year insurance backed guarantee.

01932 868700

 Environet gave us great advice on our 8 acre site at Godre Graig Swansea. They eradicated the Japanese Knotweed in the most professional and helpful manner, listening and solving our problems along the way. We cannot thank them enough. 
David Hall, Director - Zoemack Ltd

Exposed: Our Japanese knotweed Heatmap

Map of Japanese knotweed in Wales

Discover if Japanese knotweed is present in your area of Wales by checking our Japanese knotweed heatmap.

This is the UK’s only interactive, regularly updated knotweed map – it’s just part of our ongoing research into the effects of this plant. Ideal if you are buying a home in the area – to identify potential risk and threats to your mortgage application.

We’ve already charted thousands of identified infestations of Japanese knotweed – but we can also offer a detailed, site-specific survey that can also determine the likelihood of Japanese knotweed rhizomes being present, hidden in the soil.


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Our Services

Not surprisingly the Environment Agency describe Japanese knotweed as the UK's most aggressive, destructive and invasive plant.

We’ve been successfully removing it for 23 years. Our expert team can resolve your knotweed problem – so don’t believe all the scare stories you’ve read in the press.

All of our work comes with a 10-year insurance backed guarantee, underwritten at Lloyd's. This means you can trust us to do the job well - and nearly all banks and building societies will trust our guarantee as a security for making you the mortgage offer you need.

Over the years we have developed a range of solutions to deal with Japanese knotweed. We assess each property carefully, taking into consideration your circumstances.

And then we propose a tailored solution that is perfect for you.


  Excellent technical advice and reliable service throughout the project. All calls were returned promptly to answer my queries and the process was fully explained to me. 

Trish Maffin, DandM Maintenance & Services Ltd - North Wales



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