Herbicide treatments

Herbicide treatment is a popular control method, carried out during the growing season. Treatment control programmes typically consist of 4 treatments, spread over 2 growing seasons and annual monitoring visits in years 3 and 4. It has the benefit of being low cost, however do bear in mind it is not suitable if the ground is going to be disturbed.

An insurance backed guarantee underwritten at Lloyd's can be issued after the first visit, such that in the event of regrowth, further treatment is carried out by us at no extra cost.

Japanese knotweed encroachment issues

If it is evident that Japanese knotweed has crossed the boundary into/from adjoining land, we recommend that neighbours knotweed is treated at the same time. We offer a neighbour discount scheme in these situations.

All applications are carried out by our competent and fully qualified team, in accordance with all legal requirements including the Environmental Protection Act 1990, Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, COSHH Regulations, and Control of Pesticide Regulations.