Solutions for Commercial Developers

Is Japanese knotweed affecting a site you own, manage, or intend to develop? Environet has the answer you’re looking for, with proven eco-innovative solutions that cost significantly less than other traditional methods.

Trying to deal with a Japanese infestation on your land yourself can be futile. No amount of weedkiller or digging it out of the ground will usually work —  it will just keep on growing and causing potential problems on your site and to current or future development plans.

Remember: it's not illegal to have Japanese knotweed on your land, but it is against the law to allow it to spread to neighbouring land and properties. If that happens, you could be hit by substantial fines or worse. It makes sense to get effective Japanese knotweed solutions for your land right now.

Solid knotweed removal is essential for two reasons: it gets rid of the rapidly growing shoots above ground, and wipes out the deep and wide root system underground. It’s because of these incredibly hardy roots that trying to eradicate Japanese knotweed on your own will most likely end in failure — and possibly cost you a small fortune in sprays and everything else you use to try and kill it off. If just a small part of the root system remains in the ground, it has the potential to start growing all over again, and you’re back to square one.

When you have a valuable plot of land that’s infested with Japanese knotweed, or showing signs that the plant may be starting to grow there, there’s only one thing to do: get professional help, and get it now. Expert knotweed control is essential to protecting your asset and profiting from it, as well as steering clear of potential legal difficulties. The best knotweed control experts in the business — like Environet — provide ironclad insurance backed guarantees for the work they do.

Japanese knotweed removal & treatment

It’s important to select the right method from a reliable specialist to have the best chance of success, ensuring the Japanese knotweed is killed off and doesn’t return to cause more headaches. Getting it right the first time saves on potential hefty costs of abortive work and delays to construction programmes.

If you’re planning to carry out landscaping or construction work in a knotweed-affected area, a physical removal method is best. Relying solely on herbicide treatment where the ground will be disturbed is not recommended due to risk of re-growth and further spread.

Environet's patented Xtract™ solution can have Japanese knotweed removed in days and with minimal disturbance to the location — and deliver savings of up to 50% compared to other methods of removal.


  • Not suited where the ground is to be disturbed
  • Two year treatment programme with annual monitoring visits
  • 5 or 10 Year Guarantees
  • Least disruptive option
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Stockpile & Treat

  • Excavation, stockpiling and herbicide treatment
  • Stockpiling usually requires a large designated area
  • 5 or 10 Year Guarantees
  • A low cost option
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Dig & Dump

  • Bulk soil excavation and disposal off site to landfill
  • Considered the method of last resort by the Environment Agency
  • 5 or 10 Year Guarantees
  • Very expensive
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We offer site supervision for clients that have access to plant equipment and labour. Our experts will supervise the excavation works to ensure that if dormant knotweed is discovered, it’s dealt with in the most effective way possible, so that it’s totally wiped out.

Why trust us?

Quite simply. we provide the best guarantee in the market. To give our clients complete peace of mind, we offer an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) underwritten by an 'A' rated syndicate at Lloyd's for a period of up to 10 years to provide cover should any regrowth occur, with a limit of liability up to £100,000. IBG’s underwritten by a rated insurer such as Lloyd’s are only available to a select few knotweed removal companies working to the highest of industry standards. You can trust Environet to get rid of your Japanese knotweed problem for good — and ensure it stays that way.

We have robust systems in place for Environmental and Health & Safety management. Risk assessments are carried out for every aspect of our business to identify situations where harm could be caused. We have an ethos of continuous improvement to eliminate or reduce the risks with detailed working procedures, on-going training and monitoring. All of our staff have health and safety and emergency first aid training.  We are also accredited by CHAS and Constructionline