By choosing a reliable knotweed specialist you will ensure that;

  • risk of future property damage is minimised
  • encroachment and nuisance disputes with adjoining property owners are avoided
  • mortgage finance can be secured against the property
  • the property’s value is optimised.

Japanese knotweed control and removal solutions

See our proven solutions for treatment or removal of Japanese knotweed from residential gardens.

Japanese Knotweed Management Plans

Required if buying or selling a property
Detailed management plan
Site specific issues
Determine extent of knotweed
Highlight potential encroachment issues

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Guaranteed Resi-Dig-Out™

  • Options for those serious about complete eradication
  • Where all previous attempts have failed
  • Physical removal in just days
  • 5 or 10 Year Guarantee underwritten at Lloyd's
  • Telephone consultancy
  • Vertical root barrier to protect against encroachment
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Guaranteed Herbicide Treatment Plans

  • Popular control option for
    house owners
  • Three year treatment and
    monitoring programme
  • 5 or 10 Year Guarantee
    underwritten at Lloyd's
  • Telephone consultancy
  • Limited cover against encroachment
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We understand you are probably new to knotweed, and might wish to talk through your specific situation. We have a team of trained advisors who can guide you through the process, from correct identification right through to providing you with a firm quote for the treatment or removal of the knotweed to your specific requirements.