Our most effective Japanese knotweed removal solution for residential properties

Environet has developed a combination method, DART™, which involves herbicide treatment during the growing season, followed by physical excavation of the knotweed during the winter when the plant is dormant.

The purpose of the winter excavation is to remove the bulk of the crowns and rhizome system and to stimulate growth of any residual rhizome so that it can be effectively treated with herbicide in the following growth season.

Why we recommend DART™ for residential properties

DART™ from Environet provides good value and effective treatment compared to other alternatives. Whereas herbicide treatment is relatively inexpensive, it is carried out over several years (typically two or more) and still regrowth might be experienced. The other option of physical removal (Resi-Dig-Out™) on the other hand is more expensive, but can be completed in a matter of days.

DART™  gives you the best of both worlds.

Insurance backed guarantees

DART™ is offered with our insurance backed guarantee underwritten by a syndicate at Lloyd's for up to 10 years. Should regrowth be experienced, further treatment is carried out at no extra cost.