How to Get Rid of Knotweed from Residential Gardens

Is knotweed affecting a property you own, or one you intend to buy? Rest assured, Environet helped thousands in a similar predicament — and we’re ready to help you, too.


Japanese knotweed can be incredibly frustrating to get rid of — if you’re trying to do it on your own. Every time you cut it down or dig it out of the ground, it keeps growing back, as if by magic. It’s a dilemma faced by people all over the UK every day and, if it’s not properly dealt with, it can result in real trouble for your property and you.

If you find you suddenly have Japanese knotweed in your house, you’ll need to take action — fast. This is one weed that grows like wildfire, so if you don’t get some effective Japanese knotweed treatment straight away, it will quickly overwhelm everything in your garden and take over.

As it spreads above ground, it’s also growing out of control under the soil. The Japanese knotweed root system spreads out in all directions and can cause serious problems with buildings. The roots can grow into fissures in walls and damage them. They can also exploit tiny cracks in paved driveways and grow up through them. Plus, Japanese knotweed can interfere with critical piping buried in the ground around your home, leading to even more potential difficulties.

If it spreads to neighbouring houses, you could find yourself in more trouble. It’s illegal to let Japanese knotweed encroach to land and properties around yours. It’s also against the law to dig up the weed and improperly dispose of it. Plus, if you ever wanted to sell your house but still had Japanese knotweed in the garden, it could be next to impossible. Potential buyers would find it hard to get a mortgage for Japanese knotweed infested properties.

All these Japanese knotweed problems can also lead to a steep devaluation of your home. When you’ve done everything to protect and even increase your property’s value, it’s alarming when a plant threatens to wipe a large chunk off its value.

Unfortunately, spraying Japanese knotweed with ordinary weedkiller or trying to dig it all out of the ground usually does not work. You need the experts to come in and kill it off once and for all.


Japanese Knotweed Unearthing the Truth

When you choose a professional Japanese knotweed specialist, you benefit from:

  • Protection of your property — no more structural damage risks
  • Peace with your neighbours — an end to fears that Japanese knotweed might spread to next door
  • Solid potential for selling your home and the buyer getting a mortgage for it
  • Optimal property value

Japanese knotweed control and removal solutions

Have a look at our expert and proven solutions for effective Japanese knotweed treatment in residential gardens.

Japanese Knotweed Management Plans

Required if buying or selling a property
Detailed management plan
Site specific issues
Determine extent of knotweed
Highlight potential encroachment issues

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Guaranteed Herbicide Treatment Plans

  • Popular control option for
    house owners
  • Two year treatment plan with
    monitoring visits
  • 5 or 10 Year Guarantee
    underwritten at Lloyd's
  • Telephone consultancy
  • Limited cover against encroachment

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Still not sure?


We know dealing with Japanese knotweed can be difficult, and you may not know what to do. We also recognise that this may be the first time you’ve had to deal with this problematic plant. That’s why we’re available to talk to you about your individual situation — you’ll be under no obligation — and offer you the very best advice you can get to resolve it for good.

Our team of trained advisors are ready to speak to you about your Japanese knotweed problem. They will help you to properly identify the weed, so you can be certain you have it, and they will suggest the best plan to get rid of it once and for all.