Residential solutions for Japanese knotweed

When Japanese knotweed is discovered, a Japanese Knotweed Management Plan should be produced in any situation where knotweed poses a problem, though it is predominately required if the property is for sale.

When buying or selling a property, be aware that the Law Society has amended its standard Property Information Form - TA6, used by solicitors to include a section on Japanese knotweed. Failure not to disclose material information can lead to legal claims for misrepresentation.

The Site Survey

Japanese knotweed infestations vary considerably from property to property. A site survey is essential in order for the knotweed specialist to assess and report on:

  • The full extent of the knotweed including its rhizome system
  • The likely source or origin of the knotweed
  • The status of the knotweed in relation to its maturity, whether active or dormant
  • The location in relation to knotweed encroachment issues with adjoining land
  • Whether the building has possibly been damaged by knotweed
  • Site specific conditions that might influence the treatment methodology

Japanese Knotweed Management Plan

Results from the site survey will be used to produce the Management Plan. Armed with the full facts you will now know which way to proceed. You will be able to check that your lender is happy with the proposals. Instruct us to carry out the work and we’ll do the rest. We will issue you with a guarantee, insurance backed at Lloyd's, so you can rest assured that the knotweed problem is solved.

What is the Cost?

There is a small fee to prepare a property specific Japanese Knotweed Management Plan as this takes a considerable amount of expertise and time. It will highlight the most appropriate Japanese knotweed solution and the costs involved. We encourage you to be present during the on-site survey so that we can discuss the issues together.

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