Problems with Knotweed in South East England?

With a rich history the South East of England is the location of roman towns, castles and the explosion of the Victorian holiday towns surrounding London. However the Victorians love of plants helped the spread of Japanese knotweed across the region since its introduction in to the UK in the 1820s. Knotweed can now be found in residential gardens, on hedgerows, river banks, railway embankments and in the large estates that spread across the region. Reports of Japanese knotweed are most common in built-up areas such as Brighton & Hove, Eastbourne, Canterbury, Maidstone, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and Hastings. However we also get frequent calls from clients in the South Downs and the green belt surrounding London.

It is true what you have heard about Japanese knotweed. When left to its own devices it can cause damage to buildings, leading to expensive structural repairs. It can spread across boundaries to neighbouring properties creating complicated legal issues. Its mere presence on your property or even neighbouring property can cause a reduction in your homes value. Here at Environet we have a successful history of helping homeowners and developers overcoming the issued that Japanese knotweed presents.

Successfully Dealing with Knotweed

To successfully remove Japanese knotweed, you need to call in the experts.

At Environet we have been working in eradicating knotweed for over 20 years. During this time we have continually developed our methods so clients always receive the most effective treatments which can be tailored to each infestation of knotweed we meet.

All of our Japanese knotweed eradication is fully guaranteed and because our techniques are so effective, our guarantees are underwritten by a market-leading "AA-" rated insurer. This provides our customers with ongoing protection against regrowth for up to 10 years. The limit of liability is generally set at the contract value, with a minimum cover value of £5,000. If required, cover can be arranged with a limit of liability of up to £100,000. Larger values can be obtained subject to insurer approval. Only the very best Japanese knotweed removal firms can provide this level of liability on their Insurance Backed Guarantees.

Our Japanese knotweed treatments have been refined over the years meaning we can tailor them to to your specific site requirements, budget and timescales. Methods range from the non disruptive herbicide treatments which provides over control an infestation over a number of growing seasons to the full removal of the whole infestation, meaning no trace of knotweed is left. Our very own Resi-Dig-Out™ method is an environmentally friendly technique of Japanese knotweed removal reducing the needless waste produced by other methods. It allows us to sift the affected soil, meaning we only remove the Japanese knotweed from the property and not the clean soil, therefore reducing waste and cost to clients. Find out more about our removal methods here.

Our South East Team

Luke Walton is the consultant for the Environet knotweed removal in South East England and he is backed by a wealth of knowledge in the operations team.

If you're are looking for a skilled team to eradicate your Japanese knotweed in South East England, Environet is the solution. The experienced staff based in Surrey have met and exceeded clients expectations over the 20+ years we have operated in the area and are continually adding to that tally. Environet has the a family owned business and this care and interest is shown through our work. But as a leading Japanese knotweed removal company clients gain from our experience in working in multi million pound developments. Something only the best in the industry can claim.

Our Consultant Luke Walton has lived in the South East his whole life and has travelled extensively across it in the pursuit of knotweed. Luke has worked across the commercial and residential sector and has relieved many homeowners and developers of their knotweed issues.

For further information about the services we offer, please get in contact today and one of our consultants will be happy to help.

Below are some of the places we have spotted Japanese knotweed over the last 20 years in the South East of England.

Japanese knotweed in South East England