Charity Initiatives

We provide several services, free of charge, for example our Japanese knotweed identification service. We invite potential clients to make a small donation to one of our chosen charities: Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation and RNLI.

We've recently added our support to The Archie Lloyd Charitable Foundation, an inspirational new charity set up by the Lloyd family in memory of their son Archie, who was tragically taken from them. The charity seeks to inspire and motivate young people.

Further information can be found on our JustGiving Page

Schools Eco-Innovation Awards Scheme

eco innovation awards

Environet launched its annual Eco-Innovation Awards Scheme in the autumn of 2015. We are delighted to sponsor this scheme which is aimed at children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. We like to encourage children to think about the ways the environment can be improved and protected using their creative design and practical skills by focussing on the benefits of sustainable product design versus the throwaway culture.

The award is supported by Kevin McCloud, MBE

“The Schools Eco-Innovation Award is great.  Its focus is on promoting a new way of thinking about our environment and ways to harness and protect its valuable resources.  There is no better way of addressing this than by tapping into the unique minds and creativity of students.” 

If you would like further information or would like to nominate your specialist school for the Eco-Innovation Awards Scheme then please get in touch with the Environet team at

Discount for Registered Charities

Environet offer a 10% discount on the cost of all work to remove Japanese knotweed. We hope this will assist registered charities to achieve their respective goals. For further information in relation to this policy, please contact the Environet team at