Dealing with Bonsai growth

One of the common problems with invasive weeds is identifying them. We carried out some research with YouGov in 2018 that showed fewer than one fifth (19%) of Brits who said they were aware of Japanese knotweed could correctly identify it.

Every day, especially at this time of year, people across the country are blithely strimming back a stand of knotweed and spreading it because they didn’t recognise what they were dealing with.

What’s it worth?

The current system for valuing properties with Japanese knotweed is unfair, inaccurate and it’s causing headaches for homeowners, so we’ve teamed up with our friends at Expert Surveyors to come up with a new tool to tackle the problem.  

Do you live in a Japanese knotweed hotspot?

Over the last week we’ve undertaken a major media campaign highlighting the Top Ten Japanese knotweed hotspots in each region of England and Wales, using data mined from our heatmap, Exposed.

Wales is particularly badly affected, with four towns and cities appearing in the Top Ten, alongside locations with a strong industrial heritage such as St Helens in Merseyside and Blackburn and Preston in Lancashire.