Japanese knotweed new shoots

Surrey Advertiser, Guildford Edition - Knotty Problem

Published on Friday 22nd April 2016 in the Surrey Advertiser, Guildford Edition.

Environet, a Japanese knotweed removal company based in Send, warns local residents to look out for Japanese knotweed. 

This plant, which lays dormant over the winter has remerged, thanks to the mild and wet winter. 

House sellers should be aware that there is now a legal duty to declare if the property has had Japanese knotweed.

Japanese knotweed hu zhang

Does Japanese knotweed have any redeeming qualities?

Japanese knotweed (Fallopia Japonica), has earned itself a negative reputation in the UK.

Japanese knotweed is regarded as being the UK’s most aggressive and destructive plant, spreading across the UK and causing havoc to those unfortunate enough to own property in its way.  It’s undoubtedly a nuisance to have on your land. It causes damage to property, it's expensive to get rid of, and can potentially devalue your property. 


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