Nic Seal hosts webinar with NAEA PropertyMark

Environet Founder and MD Nic Seal is often called up on to share his extensive knowledge and experience of Japanese knotweed with professionals operating in the property and environmental sectors.

Last week he hosted a webinar with the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) PropertyMark, which covered key topics for estate agents to be aware of, such as how to identify knotweed, new survey techniques and the latest treatment and removal methods.

Bringing down the house

The truth about Japanese knotweed and damage to property

We’ve all heard the rumours about Japanese knotweed growing through concrete and pulling down brick walls, but can a plant really pose such a serious threat to our homes? Here we separate the fact from the fiction and bust a few myths to give you the truth about this thug of the plant world.

The future’s bright

I’m so pleased to announce today that the ownership of Environet UK Ltd has been transferred to our employees.

This is in recognition of all the hard work put in by them over the years and to ensure that the company prospers in the future for the benefit of both our customers and staff.