Invasive bamboo takes over garden in Walton on Thames

Keith Mullins bought a new build home in Walton-on-Thames in 2009. Bamboo had been planted in the beautifully landscaped front garden and grew happily for several years before new shoots began appearing all over the lawn.

He attempted to pull them up himself and began to mow the lawn regularly to inhibit growth, but the bamboo was growing quickly and spreading out of control so he instructed Environet to excavate it.

Could Japanese knotweed be a medical marvel?

Usually cast as a villain by homeowners and gardeners, Japanese knotweed is currently enjoying a rare bit of positive press. New research published this week by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore has shown Japanese knotweed to be one of the most effective plant-based remedies for treating Lyme Disease.

concealed rhizome in garden

New Japanese knotweed guidance issued for sellers

Last week The Law Society issued a revised TA6 form, which is completed by sellers as part of the conveyancing process. There was an important change to the accompanying guidance for the Japanese knotweed question, which all buyers and sellers should be aware of.