Gary Neville commentating

Gary Neville knows the score when it comes to Japanese knotweed

We’re delighted to see that ex-Manchester United and England footballer Gary Neville knows the score when it comes to Japanese knotweed.

He didn’t hold back following his team’s 4-0 thrashing at Everton last weekend, saying: "If you have weeds in the garden you have to get rid of them – there is some Japanese knotweed at that football club. And it’s attacking the foundations of the house and it needs dealing with properly."

Let’s talk about Japanese knotweed!

Japanese knotweed is our favourite topic of conversation (no surprise there) and a large part of our work involves speaking at events, seminars and webinars, helping to educate and inform property professionals. This year has got off to a flying start with our Regional Directors travelling the length and breadth of the country delivering seminars to groups of surveyors and legal practices, with plenty more already booked in for the coming months. 

Japanese knotweed grown in lab

Our latest lab experiments show some surprising results!

As part of our ongoing investment in Research and Development, we’re always carrying out different experiments on Japanese knotweed to test its resilience and the effectiveness of different treatment methods.

We already knew knotweed could regrow from a tiny fragment of rhizome, or root, left in the soil, but the results from our latest experiments have surprised even us and reinforced our belief that knotweed is one of the most resilient plants around.