Trained specially to root out Japanese knotweed

Mick and Mack

Meet Mick and Mack, the first knotweed detection dogs trained in the UK

As featured in The Times on 7th May 2020.

Listen to us talking about the dogs on the BBC's Radio 4 programme You and Yours below.

Follow the Dogs:

Reinforcing Environet’s formidable survey team, Mick and Mack are specialist detection dogs, trained to locate Japanese knotweed rhizome lurking in the ground.

Buying or developing knotweed affected land or property?

Our team helps property developers, their professional advisors and construction teams determine and mitigate knotweed risk on a site they intend to buy or develop.
Buyers of residential property can also benefit, where uncertainty arises as to whether the property they intend to buy is impacted by knotweed ….. or not.

Call in the dogs, for the most comprehensive and reliable survey

Knotweed is not always obvious to the human eye but is to the canine nose. Surveyors may not always spot knotweed, it may have been concealed, or not be growing due to the season or due to dormancy following herbicide treatment. Reports often contain caveats, with further uncertainty arising from sellers answering the TA6 question “Is the property affected by Japanese knotweed?” with “Not known”.

We have partnered with RFA Security Services Ltd, leading specialists in dog training and handling for detection of narcotics and explosives, chosen because their dogs sweep for explosives in many high profile, sensitive locations where reliability is key. Dog welfare is also of paramount importance and is fully compliant with BS 8517/2: Code of Practice for Use of Detection Dogs.

  Simply amazing, fascinating watching them in action

Japanese Knotweed Detection Dog Surveys – the benefits.

1. Fast and unobtrusive

Detection dog surveys are quick and unobtrusive. Dogs can quickly cover a lot of ground. Localised excavation using hand-tools to verify rhizome presence is carried out if, and where, the dog indicates a positive result.

2. Any time of year

Dogs can detect knotweed any time of year, summer or winter, hot or cold, wet or dry.

3. Reliable results

The dogs can detect rhizome in the ground, even when there is no visible surface growth. Detection by dog is verified by human, often involving localised excavation in the area indicated by the dog.

For ultimate peace of mind, we'll provide a FREE 5-year insurance backed guarantee on any residential property where neither dog nor human detect Japanese knotweed. Where knotweed is found to be present or is suspected we'll provide a FREE Japanese Knotweed Management Plan, which details options for remedial works.

What makes Japanese Knotweed detection dogs so effective?

Dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell. It’s because of this capability that they are used across the world for detecting everything from explosives to drugs, cash and cancer. The human nose has around 400 smell receptors compared to some 300,000,000 in the nose of a dog. A much greater proportion of a dog’s brain is dedicated to smell - 40 times greater than ours.

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