Paul Parker-Joy

Area Operations Manager

Facebook Twitter Linkedin I have a wide ranging skill set in arboriculture, agriculture and machine operation.

I joined Environet in 2019, as the next step in my career. I'm really looking forward to transfering the skills I have already to the invasive weed forum, and learning some new ones too!

My background is mainly in agriculture, having worked on farms for many years. I picked up competence tickets for all sorts of plant and machinery along the way including 30 metre self-propelled crop sprayer, 30ft cut combine harvester, tractor with various attachments and 360 excavator.   More recently I worked as a foreman for a tree care company, supervising teams of tree surgeons and ground staff on sites across the South East.

Being a family man, I enjoy spending time with my wife, young son and foster children and we can often be found exploring various parts of the countryside.